St. Paul Arrival

Read More (see page 2) from Vatican Notes, May-June 1965, Vol 13,No. 6



Scott # 304-309

St. Paul's journey to Rome is described in the
Bible, Acts Of The Apostles, Chapter 21 - 28.

St. Paul Outside-The-Wall Basilica, Rome Italy

(Photos by Marvin Lanahan, 2012)

Scott # 129

font facade

looking toward main alter

front alter area

valt over main alter

The church's most important relic is a piece of the chain believed
to have been used by Saint Paul when he was imprisoned

Vatican Notes did gave some information on this church, see Vol.55,No.4 Click here

Additional details St. Paul Outside-The Wall-Church can be found in the book
The Pilgrim's Guide To Rome's Principal Churches, pages 52-61 (click here)

These stamp covers were found in the church museum.