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VPS Vatican Postmark Identification Helper

The idea of this program is to help collectors identify Vatican postmark types. Key some information about a stamp cover and hopefully the program can present a list of possible postmark types. This program is still under development and it will take a little playing around with things to see how things work. Start by selecting a postmark group, see the response. Then put in the date of a cover and see the result difference. The database behind this program still need a lot of refinement and, with time and program improvements, we are hoping for better more accurate responses. Use the website contact page to send us your comments.

This program is far from being finished but is a good tool for helping with Vatican postmark identification. The database is still being populated and we have have a lot of postmark images to aquire. Ideas for improvement should be sent to Marvin Lanahan, email: mlanahan404@comcast.net.