Cancellation Type Identification Problem

Marvin Lanahan -

This cover caught my attention because of the lines in the upper and lower moons. I thought with three cancellations I should be able to get a good clean line count, as counting lines in the moon of Vatican postmarks can be challenging! I count 5 lines in the upper moon and 7 on the bottom. The problem is that in looking at the VPS Every-Day Postmark list, I can not seem to match these postmarks to any of the postmark types listed. (see list) Is my count wrong? Did I miss something?

VPS Every-Day Vatican Postmark types I-1 through I-11 are the hand cancel postal markings with lines in the two moons. Most have usage dates before the early 1930's when the Vatican Post Office seemed to have dropped lines from postal markings. However, types I-7a, I-8, and I-11 indicate lines were used until well into 1948. It would be great if there were additional examples in the VPS Cancellation Research Project database to which I could compare this cover.

If you can help solve this dilemma of type identification for the postmarks on this cover or have a similar cover to compare, or just want to talk Vatican City postmarks please contact me.