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Roman State Exhibit

Thomas Maths put together a great exhibit on 'Letter Mail From And To Roman States Foreign Destinations
     Click here to visit...

VPS Emails Going To
Spam or Junk Box?

Several VPS members reported that emails sent from our Vatican Philatelic Society website go to Spam or Junk mail rather than to their Inbox. After doing a bit of research, we came across an article (https://www.howtogeek.com/290046/how-to-stop-legitimate-emails-from-getting-marked-as-spam/) giving several techniques email recipients can use to resolve this issue. To ensure emails from a specific sender do not go to Spam, add the sender email address to your Contacts or Address Book. To insure that you receive all VPS emails to your email inbox, we suggest adding vaticanphilatelicsociety@gmail.com to your email Contact or Address Book file.

VPS Cover Archive Now Available

Gregg Pirozzi wrote about the value of studying a cover archive in Vatican Notes back in 2010. We have now made it possible to view all of the cover images we have accumulated. Additional images are added to this collection regularly. See Reference tab on the Member page or

Another Wave Cancellation

This postmark was recently added to our collection. See the surprise we found in the envelope. Click here

Unusual Postmark

This unusual cancellation was recently seen on an internet sales site. We presume that it was made with a hand roller device. Any other ideas?

UFN Finally Sent Two New Issue Brochures

A new stamp issue brochure has finally arrived from the forever slow Vatican UFN. to check it out.

384 Publication Mailing

The 384nd issue of Vatican Notes was mailed to VPS members in early July 2020. With a total of 19 articles, this is the largest number ever published in a single issue!!

Looking For Similar
Postmark / Slogan Block

Does anyone have a cover with a similar postmark and the slogan block pictured here? If so please contact the VPS webmaster through the website contact page.

Something New On The VPS Website

The Vatican Notes has several articles documenting the postmarks types used on Vatican first day covers. We have developed a database to collect this data.

VPS members can click on the VPS Vatican Stamp List and see a button for the FDC Postmark types. This information is currently developed for most stamp issues before 1955. The objective is to expand the FDC Postmark information. We are asking VPS members to contribute FDC Postmark information to the database based on their personal Vatican stamp collection. Use the contact page if you can help with this project.

Help Needed To Identify Postmark Type

Can anyone help identify this postmark type?

381 Publication Mailing

The 381st issue of Vatican Notes was mailed to VPS members in early October 2019. This issue tells the story of space exploration and Vatican City stamps. (read article)

Reflections After 50 Years
Of Service

The Vatican Post Office has issued a number of stamps featuring St. Dominic and other Dominicans. Many men and women have been inspired followers of St. Dominic. Recently, one such follower wrote a short reflection of his fifty years as a Dominican friar and priest. He has given us permission to share his reflection with the VPS membership.

Click here to read:

Vatican City Stamps Today

VPS members have the option to receive daily emails about Vatican City Stamps. To see what was sent out today click

We also have a daily slideshow displaying stamp issued on this month and day plus various postal markings related to this calendar date. Click to view the

VPS Want List

The VPS website has a Want List. There are a number of first-day covers we require images for to add to the Stamp List. Check out the Want List and help support the website by scanning and uploading your covers so we can share them with other VPS members.

Publication Mailing

The 383rd issue of Vatican Notes was mailed to VPS members in April. This issue includes a great article on philatelic artist and designer Carrado Mezzana. (read)

Introduction To The Stamps Of Vatican City

John Schorn has put together a video which gives a short introduction to the postage stamps of Vatican City. It includes information on how to learn more about stamp collecting.

 Click here to view...

50th Anniversary Of The Carabinieri Unit Folder

The Vatican Post Office issued a 2019 philatelic folder to commemorate the 50th Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Carabinieri Unit For The Protection Of Cultural Heritage. This is a joint issued with Italy and Malta.    See the details

2019 Latern Treaty Anniversary Folder

The Vatican Post Office issued a folder to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Latern Treaty signed in 1929 which established Vatican City as an independent country. The stamp is also jointly issued with Italy.    See the details

2019 Bambino Gesù Folder

The Vatican Post Office issued a folder to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital. The stamp is also jointly issued with Italy.    See the details

90th Anniversary Issue

The Vatican Post Office issued an embroidered cloth stamp to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Lateran Pact. While the Brits are good at pomp and ceremony, it is hard to beat the Vatican UFN for coming up with creative stamps!   See the details

2019 Papal Travel

Recently we posted the UFN announcement for a new stamp issued for the Pope's 2019 trip to Romania (see brochure). The Houston Chronicle reported some events of the trip in an Associated Press article (see newspaper clipping). Wikipedia has a nice article on the on the Sumuleu Ciuc Shrine in Romania.

Exhibit On-Line

Visit a collection of material on The 1929 Vatican City Conciliation Issue. Greg's collection is very interesting. Any VPS member can display their collections by contacting the webmaster.

See Exhibit

On-Line Vatican Notes

The VPS publication Vatican Notes is on-line with issues starting from the 1950's. New issues are published quarterly.

Visit Library

Vatican Postal Museum

In 2010 the Postal Museum had an exibit showing a 2007 picture of Pope Benedict XVI autographing stamps issued to commerate his 80th birthday.      Click here for more details...

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