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A lot of work has been done on the VPS stamp list, accessed through the Reference tab on the members page. Take a look and see the wealth of information now available.   (10/19/2019 - MJL)

We have talked about member contact and will consider implementing something. We would need to revise our programming to allow members to opt into sharing their contact information with other members (and not with non-members). We need to be very cautious as the days of publishing member contact info has changed a bit since the VPS was founded in the 1950's. I think we need a little more discussion on this.    (10/06/2019 - MJL)

I am not aware of any vehicle that VPS members have to be able to easily correspond with each other.

It would be a great idea if members could easily correspond with each other regarding their Vatican collection specialties… Mint, Used, NH, FDC's, ornamental corner blocks, flight covers, cancellations, maximum cards, specialty covers, whatever else.

Years ago, a membership list was published periodically. I understand that at some point, some members preferred to not be part of a list for privacy purposes, so the list was discontinued.

I suggest recreating a membership roster that includes name, city, state, email address, list of Vatican collection specialties, VPS # (to give an idea when one initially became a member of the VPS). Exclude street address and telephone numbers for privacy. Knowing what members collect can generate member contact for trade, sale, collection ideas, or just plain conversation.

It would be great if the powers to be would consider addressing t   (10/03/2019 - DSO)

Hi I just sent you my new email address via the contact link

Thanks for your help!!
Steve Atwood   (10/03/2019 - SA)

Steve - use contact link to send me you new email address. Thanks!   (09/29/2019 - MJL)

I have an update with the macros not working It seems that Firefox doesn't like it. But I opened with Edge with no issues. Thanks    (09/28/2019 - SA)

Thanks for the email. I will be looking for it. I did change my email. Did you use the outlook.com email by chance?
   (09/27/2019 - SA)

I tested all links from the VPS home page and all seem to be working fine. I also downloaded the pdf, which is slow, but did work. Let's talk off line. I've sent you an email. Is anyone else experiencing problems with the website?   (09/27/2019 - MJL)

Hello all
I wanted to ask if any one knows why the links in Vatican City Collecting basics wont open? Wondering if its my computer settings on this end . Thanks Steve    (09/26/2019 - SA)

VPS member Dennis Oniszczak has graciously shared several of his first day album pages with us.    (09/25/2019 - MJL)  click here for additional info

Thank you everyone for your Vatican catalog suggestions.    (09/14/2019 - Sa)

A new item coming to the VPS website is some information on Vatican postmarks / cancels. This is a "work in progress" webpage but you can view what has been built so far.   (09/13/2019 - MJL)  click here for additional info

The VPS stamp list is far from being a "complete" information source. (see Members page, References) If anyone is willing to do some work on it, please contact me. Marvin Lanahan at mlanahan404@comcast.net. We do have the UFN announcements from 1983, which has technical information listed for each stamp issue.   (09/13/2019 - MJL)

Another source for a Vatican City Catalogue
https://stampsbooks.com/vatican-city-stamps-catalogue/   (09/12/2019 - DSO)  click here for additional info

Does anyone have knowledge about the postmarks on the stamp packages received from the Vatican City UFN? I've noticed differences in the postmarks over the several years and wonder if anybody has any knowledge on the subject. See the attached link for a webpage showing the postmarks I have received.   (09/11/2019 - MJL)  click here for additional info

In response to Steve's question, yes there are a variety of stamp catalogues. We cite Scott Catalogue numbers in Vatican Notes because its the most commonly used catalogue in the US and Canada. Another standard catalogue in English is published by Stanley Gibbons (S. G. publishes many catalogues and Vatican City is included in one of the regional issues devoted to Southern Europe). SG is located in London, England. Bolafi is an Italian publisher of catalogues which our Vatican Notes editor, Greg Pirozzi, has recommended to me. If I were going to buy a new Vatican City catalogue I'd look into purchasing one by Bolafi.

Another Italian language catalogue, Catalogo Enciclopedico Italiana - Citta del Vaticano, was last published in 2008. Its my favorite because of the information provided but if its not going to be updated then it isn't of much use for stamps issued in 2007 going forward.

Michel, a German publisher has a nice catalogue, with brief but good information.   (09/10/2019 - jch)  click here for additional info

Hello I am looking for a comprehensive Vatican City stamp catalog. Is Scott the only one available? Thanks Steve   (09/10/2019 - sa)

The Member Exchange Postings have been added to the VPS website. This is a great place to give away stuff, let other members know about you want list, trade a few items, or sell something. VPS members can have up to ten active postings. Checkout the guidelines and submit your postings!   (09/04/2019 - MJL)  click here for additional info

We now have the ability to pay VPS dues on-line using PayPal or a charge card. Options for these functions can be found on the Members page under the Membership tab. There is also a link to update your mailing address.    (08/28/2019 - MJL)

I have been searching YouTube for videos on Vatican stamp collecting. Found a few and have embedded them into the VPS website. If anyone know of some please pass the information along.    (08/28/2019 - MJL)

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