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Notes about the emails- If you are receiving the daily VPS in your spam/junk box, you might want to consider setting up an email filter to direct it to your inbox. Use Google to find info on email filters appropriate to your programs. Also, Windows 7 users - We have had some reports of the picture images not downloading properly. Windows 7 is no longer a supported Microsoft product. Fixing this issue is beyond our control.
   (10/08/2020 - MJL)

Go to the member page, select the membership tab, and click on update address.   (09/08/2020 - MJL)

We are relocating and I need to change my mailing address Could someone please point me in the right direction?. Thanks Steve   (09/07/2020 - SA)

The VPS postmark database has been expanded to include many additional first-day cover postmarks. We encourage VPS members to check their first-day cover collections against this database. Please use the contact page (or email mlanahan404@comcast.net) to report anything you have in your collection that is not documented in these webpages. We are currently up to 1984 and will be adding additional entries.   (08/30/2020 - MJL)  click here for additional info

Here is an excellent website to translate from one language to another.
https://www.translationlookup.com   (08/29/2020 - DSO)  click here for additional info

In terms of St Louis, MO stamp dealers, a yellow pages list is located at https://www.yellowpages.com/saint-louis-mo/stamp-dealers. You might want to review the list and then see if they are members of the American Stamp Dealers Association (go to their website). I suggest you deal with those who are members of the American Philatelic Society or the ASDA, b/c they subscribe to standards. A lot will depend on the quality of the collection and whether it contains the high-value issues. Other options include selling through an auction house (e.g. Kelleher Auctions). If you or your relative was a member of the American Philatelic Society you can seek advice from that organization. If dealers indicate the collection has substantial value, I'd get several bids.   (08/22/2020 - JCH)

Hello, I have a large collection of Vatican Stamps, et al. inherited from my father in 1986, upon his death. I would appreciate a contact name near St Louis, MO who would be willing to help me sort through it and determine if the material is salable. Thank-you   (08/15/2020 - )

We are working on the 3rd Quarter issue now (late July, early August). It is usually sent to the printer and then mailed during the month of September. The 2nd Quarter issue was late due to various factors but it should have been received by members by the latter part of July.   (08/09/2020 - jch)

Hello I have been looking for the 3rd quarter Vatican Notes in the mail. Do we know when it will be mailed?
Thanks   (07/29/2020 - SA)

I did change the .org to .va So far it did seemed to go thru..

Thanks again!!   (07/18/2020 - SA)

Hi JCH, Thanks for the note and much appreciate your info. I did try to email the contact you mentioned. However, it got rejected and my email kicked back.    (07/18/2020 - SA)

SA: In response to your comments about response time from UFN, here's a suggestion. My contact at the 'Customer Care and Marketing' office at UFN is Anna Cicerchia. Her email is anna.cicerchia@scv.org.. She is one of several who works in that area. Of course Italy and VC was shut down considerably so I'm sure there's a backlog. I send her my checks for standing orders. It does take a long time. I'd send her your UFN ID number, explain the situation, and see if you receive a response. Since I write the 'new issues' articles for Vatican Notes I contact her several times a year and always get a response. So I'd try contacting her for help and see if it works, rather than pay to stop payment on your check. But, that's just my opinion. Good Luck.    (07/09/2020 - JCH)

YEA!! After waiting weeks my order of Vatican stamps finally arrived in the mail yesterday. The order had been placed before the COVID-19 shutdowns and I had received word about a month ago that the order was being shipped. Perhaps the Amazon folks should do some pro-bono work with the Vatican UFN to improve delivery times!   (06/13/2020 - MJL)

Our new home page was brought on-line early this morning! We hope everyone enjoys it.   (05/19/2020 - MJL)

MJL I'm glad you got a response from the Vatican. I sent them a registered check on Mar 2 and just asked again if they have received it no response yet. I hate to think this but I believe at this point it isn't safe to send a check to them via snail mail. I wasn't about to send via DHL for 60 plus bucks. My bank said they could do a wire transfer for 50 but declined that also. I confirmed that the USPS could track it per one of our PO tellers when I mailed it, and then another one said they couldn't after it left the country. I will wait until July 2 then I will stop payment. As much as I like to get my stamps from the Vatican it appears more and more to be pain to deal with them. Granted per your post that are now reopen and probably back logged. I probably will just have to buy yearly sets from a dealer now. But they could be having problems as well... SA   (05/12/2020 - SA)

YEA! The Vatican Post Office must be working again. I finally got confirmation and was able to pay for my last order sent on March 11th. Now we will have to see how long it takes to get my stamps! I have been able to get covers ordered through eBay from Great Britain in a relatively short time.   (05/08/2020 - MJL)

There is now a "Slideshow" menu tab on the VPS Member page. Over time, a number of slideshows have been developed and this is the easy way to view them. Enjoy!   (04/12/2020 - MJL)

In regard to Pete Caracci's question about the miracle at the tomb of St Clement, Vatican Notes carried an article about frescoes in the Basilica of St. Clement, one of which points to an account of the miracle. See Vol 58, No 346, 2011. It concerns a legend at St Clement's tomb at the Sea of Azov (he was martyred there for assisting fellow slaves in a marble mine). JCH   (04/07/2020 - JCH)  click here for additional info

In response to Steve Atwood's most recent comment, it takes 'a long time' for checks to be processed. I can explain why. In addition, the Caronavirus has severely impacted daily life in Italy (and elsewhere of course). People who can work from home. My most recent email to UFN has gone unanswered and my contact there for advertising is usually very prompt. During Holy Week and a few days afterwards (and other similar religious festivals), UFN appears not to be open. Jim Hamilton   (04/07/2020 - JCH)

On the Postcard auction realized prices noted on my 4/3/2020 chat room post:
Add to those prices the 20% buyers fee + sales tax + shipping.
This brings the 1929 postcard cost to almost $1,500 and the cost of the 1947 postcards to over $3,000 each.
   (04/04/2020 - DSO)

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