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I hope someone takes Joe Scholten up on his offer of FREE back issues of the Vatican Notes. It would be great to find some library, perhaps a stamp club library, or Catholic Church library that would accept the collection. Help Joe find a new home for his back issues of the Vatican Notes if you can.   (08/13/2019 - MJL)

The 2019 Bambino Gesù and Lateran Treaty folders recently issued by the Vatican Post Office are 11¾ inches in length. This is going to make including them into U.S. notebooks, designed for 8½ x 11 inch pages, difficult! Any suggestions on how to handle situations when something doesn't fit your notebooks page size?   (07/22/2019 - MJL)

Did you know that you can ask ALEXA for a fact about the Vatican and get an answer. After hearing the first Vatican fact you can ask ALEXA for another Vatican fact. Have you tried to ask ALEXA about Vatican City? What responses did you get?   (07/12/2019 - MJL)

AlbumEasy is free software to use for creating custom stamp albums. The latest update has just been released and is available from this link. If you use AlbumEasy software and would like to share album pages please let us know.   (06/26/2019 - MJL)

Linn's had an article about changes in the UFN. Did anyone detect any real changes?   (06/17/2019 - MJL)

One reason mail from UFN takes more time than usual to arrive is that it is usually sent by registered mail. This means it is 'checked off' by an official in every post office in passes through on its journey from Rome to an address. In the case of Vatican City mail, it passes from Vatican City to Italy Post, and then whatever postal jurisdictions there may be in its travels through the US. Depending on each postal administration, this may take one day or several, and all this 'slows down' the transit of an item. Nice to know you received your 'cloth stamp'. Mine remains on order.   (06/16/2019 - JCH)

The Houston Chronicle had a story that Pope Frances has declared Rev Augustus Augustine Tolon, an American black ex-slave who became a priest, to be "venerable". Should Rev. Tolon be declared a saint we might eventually see a Vatican stamp issued for him.   (06/14/2019 - MJL)  click here for additional info

embroidered cloth stamp

Yea!! My latest new set of issue stamps finally arrived from the Vatican Post Office! I had received an email last month that the stamps were being mailed. Waiting 18 days for arrival, when Amazon delivers almost over night, was not easy. I had two week daily trips to the mailbox waiting for their arrival. However my anticipation was rewarded with the 90th Anniversary embroidered cloth stamp. See the link for details on this stamp….   (06/13/2019 - MJL)  click here for additional info

I finally finished mounting my 2018 Vatican stamps. I use Album Easy (free software) to produce my album pages. I learned that there is a new release due out soon. Check their website for details. How do you make your album pages? Leave a posting.   (06/12/2019 - MJL)  click here for additional info

Several new postings were opened in the VPS exhibit room today. See Vatican City #4, #5, #6; Pontifical States #1, #2   (06/12/2019 - MJL)  click here for additional info

It has been a while since we were in Rome, visiting Vatican City. During our 2010 trip we spent some time at the Vatican Museum and I found the postal collection. Here is a link to a few of the pictures I took.   (06/08/2019 - MJL)  click here for additional info

Pope Francis

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Enjoy the VPS Chat Room!    (06/07/2019 - MJL)

This chat area is open to any viewer of the VPS website. We hope you drop in often and join the discussion. Upload your favorite stamp image or cover!   (06/07/2019 - MJL)

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