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SA: In response to your comments about response time from UFN, here's a suggestion. My contact at the 'Customer Care and Marketing' office at UFN is Anna Cicerchia. Her email is anna.cicerchia@scv.org.. She is one of several who works in that area. Of course Italy and VC was shut down considerably so I'm sure there's a backlog. I send her my checks for standing orders. It does take a long time. I'd send her your UFN ID number, explain the situation, and see if you receive a response. Since I write the 'new issues' articles for Vatican Notes I contact her several times a year and always get a response. So I'd try contacting her for help and see if it works, rather than pay to stop payment on your check. But, that's just my opinion. Good Luck.    (07/09/2020 - JCH)

YEA!! After waiting weeks my order of Vatican stamps finally arrived in the mail yesterday. The order had been placed before the COVID-19 shutdowns and I had received word about a month ago that the order was being shipped. Perhaps the Amazon folks should do some pro-bono work with the Vatican UFN to improve delivery times!   (06/13/2020 - MJL)

Our new home page was brought on-line early this morning! We hope everyone enjoys it.   (05/19/2020 - MJL)

MJL I'm glad you got a response from the Vatican. I sent them a registered check on Mar 2 and just asked again if they have received it no response yet. I hate to think this but I believe at this point it isn't safe to send a check to them via snail mail. I wasn't about to send via DHL for 60 plus bucks. My bank said they could do a wire transfer for 50 but declined that also. I confirmed that the USPS could track it per one of our PO tellers when I mailed it, and then another one said they couldn't after it left the country. I will wait until July 2 then I will stop payment. As much as I like to get my stamps from the Vatican it appears more and more to be pain to deal with them. Granted per your post that are now reopen and probably back logged. I probably will just have to buy yearly sets from a dealer now. But they could be having problems as well... SA   (05/12/2020 - SA)

YEA! The Vatican Post Office must be working again. I finally got confirmation and was able to pay for my last order sent on March 11th. Now we will have to see how long it takes to get my stamps! I have been able to get covers ordered through eBay from Great Britain in a relatively short time.   (05/08/2020 - MJL)

There is now a "Slideshow" menu tab on the VPS Member page. Over time, a number of slideshows have been developed and this is the easy way to view them. Enjoy!   (04/12/2020 - MJL)

In regard to Pete Caracci's question about the miracle at the tomb of St Clement, Vatican Notes carried an article about frescoes in the Basilica of St. Clement, one of which points to an account of the miracle. See Vol 58, No 346, 2011. It concerns a legend at St Clement's tomb at the Sea of Azov (he was martyred there for assisting fellow slaves in a marble mine). JCH   (04/07/2020 - JCH)  click here for additional info

In response to Steve Atwood's most recent comment, it takes 'a long time' for checks to be processed. I can explain why. In addition, the Caronavirus has severely impacted daily life in Italy (and elsewhere of course). People who can work from home. My most recent email to UFN has gone unanswered and my contact there for advertising is usually very prompt. During Holy Week and a few days afterwards (and other similar religious festivals), UFN appears not to be open. Jim Hamilton   (04/07/2020 - JCH)

On the Postcard auction realized prices noted on my 4/3/2020 chat room post:
Add to those prices the 20% buyers fee + sales tax + shipping.
This brings the 1929 postcard cost to almost $1,500 and the cost of the 1947 postcards to over $3,000 each.
   (04/04/2020 - DSO)

This is a follow up to my chat room posting on 3/1/2020. I asked if anyone knew where I could obtain the value of the older and rare Vatican postcards.

FYI... I listened to the entire live Daniel Kelleher Vatican Stamp Auction on line this afternoon (4/3/20).
Bidding on all lots was quick until they got to the earlier Vatican postcards towards the end of the auction. Bidding on each of the 3 lots noted below kept going on and on!

The 1929 dotted rectangle for postage (P00) sold for $1,100. Starting bid was $100.
The 1947 2L overprint (P03) sold for $2,400. Starting auction catalogue bid was $200.
The 1947 5L overprint (P04) sold for $2,500. Starting auction catalogue bid was $200.

I guess this answers my question on the value of these 3 rare items.   (04/03/2020 - DSO)

fits not fixes   (04/02/2020 - )

Yes, thank for the follow up. I did find a website (Systran) that does translation for free. I still regret not learning Italian from my Grandmother. Do you remember the Gino Vannelli song Granny Goodbye (1973). It fixes for immigrant Grandmothers regardless of nationality.

Pete Caracci
   (03/31/2020 - )

Would that be "a miracle at the tomb of St. Clement"?   (03/30/2020 - PM)

What is the best way to get a translation from a Vatican postcard, i.e. Un miracolo presso la tomba di San Clemente? Unfortunately, when my Grandmother tried to teach me Italian I was to young to appreciate her efforts.
Pete Caracci   (03/27/2020 - PAC)

The days when philatelic publications were full of ads from new issue dealers are unfortunately gone, probably forever. The same goes for suppliers of Vatican FDCs and Papal Visit covers. I get my FDCs from Penny Black, and, when available, the papal visit covers as well. I order the mint and used versions of the yearbook from UFN, paying from Germany via epay. The same goes for their folders when one of them appeals to me.    (03/23/2020 - PM)

Thank you James for your response. I did send a personal check registered mail on March 2 . I asked for them to update me when it arrived. Per their mail ss of last week It hadn't gotten there yet. I have used Penny Black for other years but like to get issues direct. If the check doesn't arrive I may just do their yearly subscription instead. I am hoping for the letter to get there at some point

Steve Atwood   (03/20/2020 - SA)

In response to GLP's question about Vatican City stamp catalogues there are several alternatives.
A useful (and free) online catalogue is Catalogo francobolli italiani site which lists stamps for Italy, Vatican City, etc. It also contains information on postal stationery, post cards, and airmail letters. Its language is obviously in Italian but it can be automatically translated into English by the user, if necessary. Click on Citta del Vaticano and then search for stamps issued by year from 1929 to the present. It is periodically updated.
Until 2020, the old UFN website used to have a catalogue of stamps issued from 1929 to the present but I can no longer find it on the UFN site.
In addition to the Scott Catalogue, I recommend the Michel Southern Europe catalogue (Sudeuropa). It is, of course, printed in German, but I've found it very reliable. Another useful catalogue is the Italy, Vatican City, and Switzerland catalogue published by Stanley Gibbons (London),   (03/13/2020 - JCH)

In response to Dennis Hunt's questions about catalogue listings for the value of Vatican City postal cards, I can offer only partial information. The last issue of Catalogo Enciclopedico Italiano (2007/2008) did carry a postal card section with values. However, it has not been updated and is now 12+ years old. It may be possible to find editions of this catalogue on eBay.
I asked our VPS President Greg Pirozzi for suggestions. He suggests using "Filagrano Interi Postali 2020 edition. 20 Euros, 296pgs. It can be found online from the philatelic dealer and publisher Vaccari in Italy. Older editions can be found on Ebay and other auction sites."
Although it does not contain postal card values, a catalogue listing of Vatican City postal cards (as well as stamps) is located online at catalogo italiani francobolli. Select Citta del Vaticano. Select 'altro' (other) and then click on 'cartolini postali' (post cards). The text can be translated into English. But, again, its ju   (03/13/2020 - JCH)

In response to Steve Atwood's question, I have sent a bank check to UFN to cover payment for an annual subscription or for a special order. It takes some time for the check to be cashed, but it has worked in the past (at least prior to 2020). I agree that this doesn't seem to make a lot of sense and there must be 'bank fees' that are paid by UFN for cashing a U.S. check, but that's just a guess. I also agree it doesn't make a lot of sense that annual subscriptions can't be paid by 'Epay.' I have yet to fund an annual 2020 order so (as I understand it) my choices are to (1) send a check in US dollars or (2) pay for periodic issues as released (which I really don't want to do). A third option would be to purchase an annual subscription from a dealer such as Penny Black Stamp Company, who advertises in Vatican Notes. If others can add their advice about this matter, I look forward to seeing their advice and comments. James Hamilton    (03/13/2020 - JCH)

Does anyone have any access to the value of the following Vatican City Postcards?
1. The Unstamped Postcard issued in 1929 - P00; 2. the 1947 2L on 50c green on salmon - P03; 3. the 1947 5L on 50c carmine on gray - P04. (Photo of postcard P00 shown above.)
I have searched everywhere on the internet and spoke with Vatican Dealers with no success.
Information (exclusive of value) on these Postcards was provided in the
Vatican Notes Vol 18 Issue 5 Pages 9-10. If you have any information on these Postcards, email me at HuntDennisO@gmail.com.    (03/01/2020 - DSO)  click here for additional info

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